Learn these 5 Yoga Poses

While the following poses can be performed one after another, you can do any pose whenever you’re feeling especially anxious. Try holding each pose for 30 seconds or up to two minutes, breathing deeply throughout the duration of the pose.

Healthy Dessert Choices

Rethink dessert: Wise choices for a healthy diet
These wise dessert choices will keep your healthy diet on track while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Is your beauty product Eco-Friendly?

It’s time to seek out personal care products that nourish not just our bodies—but also our planet.  What should you look for in an eco-friendly beauty product?  Here are three key aspects.

Ketogenic Diet 7 Facts

The Ketogenic Diet, more commonly referred to as Keto, is quickly gaining popularity among the health and wellness community.

Fast and Healthy Breakfast Tacos

Spicy and filling breakfast tacos have one advantage everyone loves: You can eat them quickly, with your hands.

Eggs are a natural filling, but the sweet potato–black bean combo is an eggless protein option.

(vegetarian, gluten free)

Coconut oil for your pets fur!

Have you ever run into the issue where your poor dog has a fur/skin rash that won’t go away?  You’ve tried everything from special shampoo’s and going to the vet with no success? Coconut oil is amazing!  It is antibacterial and kill’s yeast. Try taking your special pet outside, or to the shower with towel underneath, … Read more

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